Patio Door Security

January 8, 2019


Are you one of the many homeowners who are considering replacing or installing patio doors into your home but are concerned about how it will affect the security of your home. Security is important and you do not want to sacrifice security in order to get the natural light and view provided from a patio door. Don’t worry here are some things you need to know about when to replace your patio doors and the security options available to you.

Older patio doors can let a lot of utility money out through air leakage and can have very low energy efficiency with next to no security. After all it makes sense that the bigger the opening the more heat or air conditioning it allows to escape. If you notice some air flow it is time to replace.

Modern patio doors are manufactured with the same energy efficient technology that vinyl windows are made with, just in a bigger package. But many homeowners are concerned that having such a large piece of glass will promote break-ins.

Luckily manufacturers have introduced many forms of locks to help you with your security fears.


All patio doors come standard with a Cam-Lock. The design of this lock is similar to that of your standard slider window and is locked with a latch on the inside. Some homeowners find this standard feature enough to provide security for the area they live in, but it does not prevent a potential break in higher risk areas.

Key Lock


The next step up from the standard Cam-Lock is the Key Lock. Key Locks are similar to the lock in your entry door where it requires a key to be opened from the outside. Many homeowners like this option because it provides a good level of security and allows you to use the patio door as a separate entrance.

Kick Lock


Another security feature available for patio doors is the Kick Lock. Kick Locks allow you to lock and unlock your door with the tap of your foot, keeping your hands free.

These locks are great in that the physical location of the lock makes it impossible to tamper with. Unlike a Cam or Key Lock the intruders would essentially have to smash through the glass before they can get this lock to open.

Another reason these locks are wonderful is because they usually have two lock positions. One position while your patio door is locked and another that lets in a small breeze but is still not wide enough for someone to force entry into your home.

For homeowners with children or pets this lock can be installed on top of the patio door.

Security Bar


One of the most secure ways to prevent break-ins is by installing a security bar. The security bar tucks up against the frame of the door when not in use, but when set horizontally prevents your door from being opened making it impossible to force the door open. The bar wedges the door against the opposite wall, meaning the intruders would have to break the glass to force entry into your home.

There are plenty of security options to choose from when it comes to your patio door. As the homeowner you get to choose just how much security you want, as all these locks can be combined for maximum protection and comfort.

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