How much should it cost to replace windows in Winnipeg?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows and Doors in Winnipeg? Replacing windows and doors can be a costly and time-consuming endeavour. Of course, sometimes years of wear and tear, structural damage, or moisture-related issues make replacement an absolute necessity. Understandably, many homeowners wonder how much such a window or door replacement will cost. Like so many other things … Read More

Common Window Issues and Solutions

Windows can be a wonderful asset to your home but over time they can also be the source of some problems. Take a look at some of the most common issues the Green Brand encounters and the solution to correct them. Have you sat near your window and noticed a change in temperature? This may be caused by: Solutions: Leakage … Read More

8 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Green Brand knows that to save money sometimes you need to spend money and while it may seem redundant to spend money on replacement windows, you can save up to 30-percent on your heating and cooling expenses by doing so. Many factors determine the efficiency, the cost, and the overall performance of each window. Have your windows been giving you … Read More

Ice Build Up On Windows

Green Brand knows all too well that Winnipeg winters are hard on your windows. You probably grew up with window ice build-up as a recurring cold weather problem but did you know that there are reasons and solutions to why ice shows up. Window manufacturers have spent a long time finding the cause of ice build-up windows and they have … Read More

Egress Windows: What you need to know

Egress windows are required as part of the fire code in Winnipeg because they provide an exit in bedrooms and basements to homeowners in the case of an emergency. Egress windows are a fairly new addition to the fire code so depending on the age of your home they may not have been required at the time of construction but … Read More

Buyers Guide To Windows

Green Brand understands that window shopping can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. With all the choices available for windows it is important to take the time when deciding on energy efficiency levels, high-tech features, styles, frame materials, curb appeal and pricing. Curb appeal is an important element in Winnipeg’s home market. When selecting windows you will get … Read More