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We help you to save on energy, increase your home’s value, and love where you live.

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Energy Star Rated Windows & Doors

We help you to save on energy, increase your home’s value, and love where you live.

    Rebates that help you achieve your dream home

    The Manitoba Government has implemented a rebate program through Efficiency Manitoba for new triple pane windows. For each new triple pane window you receive a $100 rebate.
    The Government of Canada currently has a rebate program called Canada Greener Homes Grant. The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a program designed to help you make your home more energy efficient.


    We’re all about bringing new life to your home

    At Green Brand we work in modern and traditional homes and have upgrades for all styles homes. Green brand Windows & Doors in Winnipeg, MB provides a wide selection of energy-efficient, contemporary and traditional windows and doors that would satisfy all home styles. At Green Brand, we’re all about bringing new life to your home. With our eco-friendly, comfortable, secure and beautiful exterior fittings and solutions, we’ll upgrade your home’s look without a problem.

    Calculate your costs for Window Replacements

    Estimates in this calculator are based on an average cost for a typical Winnipeg home. Pricing will vary depending on size, fit and age of your home and may have other contributing factors for cost. This calculator is designed to provide a pricing and budget range for window replacement. One of our experts will reach out to schedule an in-home consultation to provide a formal quote.

    How our cost calculator works

    Our online window pricing calculator allows you to get an estimated price range on what it could cost to replace windows in your home. It’s easy to use, simply follow the steps.

    Want your Windows to be ENERGY STAR RATED?

    Simply select Triple Pane in step 3, at least 1 or more LowE coats and finally a gas fill in step 4.
    Step 1
    Select your Window
    Step 2
    Select Installation Type
    Step 3
    Select (Additional) Features & Options
    Step 4
    Select Number of LowE coats

    Estimated replacement cost:


    Why choose Greenbrand Windows & Doors

    Breathe new life into your home
    Rediscover the art of rejuvenation by exploring our diverse range of options for trim, color, and design to reflect your unique style.
    Improve your home’s energy efficiency
    Discover our remarkable collection of windows and doors, all proudly bearing the Energy Star rating, ensuring unparalleled performance.
    Improved dust & pollen filtration
    Experience the transformative power of windows and doors designed not only to elevate your space but also to enhance indoor air quality.
    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global warming & climate change
    Our energy-efficient windows play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and contributing to the fight against climate change.

    We are proud of our work

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    Meet our quality partners

    Our partners share our unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. We have meticulously chosen each partner based on their proven track record and commitment to innovation, ensuring that every window and door we offer exceeds the highest standards. Our partners exemplify the essence of durability, beauty, energy efficiency and reliability.


    Earn rewards with our referral program

    Join our Greenbrand referral program and unlock a world of rewards. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we believe that your endorsement deserves more than just gratitude. When you refer our exceptional services to friends, family, or acquaintances, you're not only sharing the secret to upgrading their homes, but you're also securing a $100 payout reward for every successful referral that results in a job. It's our way of saying thank you for being a valuable part of our community and helping us spread the essence of quality and excellence.

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