Window Replacement Cost Calculator

Our online window pricing calculator allows you to get an estimated price range on what it could cost to replace windows in your home.


It’s easy to use, simply follow the steps

This calculator prices out 1 type of Window at a time. To estimate the price for your entire home simply add up the totals of each window you’ve selected. You can submit a quote request after using the calculator, and someone on our team will get in contact to schedule an meeting at your home.

Want your Windows to be ENERGY STAR RATED? Simply select Triple Pane, 1 or more LowE coats and a gas fill.

Estimates in this calculator are based on an average cost for a typical Winnipeg home. Pricing will vary depending on size, fit and age of your home and may have other contributing factors for cost. This calculator is designed to provide a pricing and budget range for window replacement. One of our experts will reach out to schedule an in-home consultation to provide a formal quote.

Step 1
Select your Window
Step 2
Select Installation Type
Step 3
Select (Additional) Features & Options
Step 4
Select Number of LowE coats

Estimated replacement cost: