Humphrey 60th Anniversary

April 9, 2020


As we move through these uncertain times, one constant that Green Brand feels very fortunate in having is a local company like Humphrey Window & Door Systems to depend upon. 

Now entering its 60th year in business, manufacturing right here in Winnipeg at 1315 Inkster Blvd, it is a testament to the type of company that Humphrey is. Quality products that last and they stand behind that add comfort and value to your home. In an increasingly competitive industry where cheaper is becoming the biggest sales pitch, we’ve seen companies struggle and a few recently close their doors.

Humphrey is not a flashy with huge ads full of promises all over the city or on radio. Where they shine seems and is quite simple. They support their dealers every step of the way, like no other I’ve seen in the industry, always being there for the hundreds of dealers they service. Helping them where ever they can to succeed. Humphrey is committed to be innovation, developing new products and techniques while improving every day. They are constantly committed to quality, enlisting the most advanced technology in production and continuous training at the forefront of their minds. Humphrey goes above and beyond to make sure dealers like Green Brand and so many others are supported for success. While it may seem an easy concept, not all window manufacturers are the same, Humphrey has been successfully doing this for over 60 years. So while the dollars don’t go into a giant advertising budget with the big promises, they do go into the quality of the materials they use and the people they employ, all the while caring about you the customer and the window and door products that you have invested your hard earned dollars into buying. 

Supporting Humphrey is truly supporting countless small and medium sized local window and door contractors, all over Manitoba, it is supporting sales people, plant workers, shippers and receivers, drivers and many more. 

When the time is right and purchasing windows and doors are back on your to do list, whether that’s now or when things are a little more certain use a dealer that represents Humphrey Window & Door Systems. Not Green Brand necessarily but any of the hundreds that could use a little help to get through this tough time.

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