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Your home is your castle, which means you need to treat it right.

Selecting aluminum siding and its accompanying accessories is a smart decision with multifaceted advantages. This choice not only empowers the siding to bravely endure various weather conditions, including the harshest onslaughts of heat, cold, rain, and snow, but also presents a visual delight that resonates through generations. The spectrum of exquisite colors and the option to opt for either smooth or textured finishes ensures a pleasing aesthetic that stands the test of time.

Elevate your home's curb appeal by carefully curating elements like siding, soffits, trim, and accessories. Specifically engineered to safeguard your home against the elements, aluminum siding maintains its pristine appearance over extended periods. The diverse array of available colors ranges from deep, enigmatic shades to soft, lighter tones, giving you the freedom to align your choice with your design vision. Moreover, the harmonious coordination of all aluminum products in terms of color presents an opportunity to achieve a cohesive and refined appearance for your home's exterior.

LUX Architectural Products offers numerous benefits and advantages over the competition

  • LUX is an excellent value and offers more features at a higher quality than any other product at its price point
  • LUX is manufactured in Canada which means you will not have to wait for weeks or months for your order to ship
  • LUX is 24 Gauge Steel – not 26 or thinner like many competitors! This means you are getting a rigid, strong steel cladding products
  • All LUX products are created out of Galvalume Coated (ASTM A792) Steel, meaning you have the highest grade of corrosion-resistant coating on the market
  • Many cladding products ship in preset lengths while LUX is unique in that it ships in custom lengths anywhere from 4’ to 24’. By combining both our LUXLAP preset length box program and our custom cuts, you’ll have both an environmental advantage and a cost-saving one, as there is no wasted product
  • There is no minimum order – we value all of our customers, from the homeowner doing a small renovation to the major builder constructing an office tower
  • LUX is extraordinarily durable and maintenance-free
  • Our high-quality true KYNAR500 (PVDF) finish means that LUX is incredibly easy to clean and will not fade
  • We offer a 40-year finish warranty on all of our products, which is almost three times as long than any powder-coated aluminum extrusions or PVC products on the market
  • LUX is made from steel, so it is non-combustible and has a Class A Fire Rating
  • Steel also means it is impervious to insects and plant growth, such as moss
  • LUX easily passes wind load tests, has a low expansion & contraction coefficient, and does not peel or warp
  • We offer an extensive line of standard, two-piece, and custom flashings
  • LUX can also be used as a soffit; our venting options provide enough venting per square foot to accommodate building codes
  • LUX has passed numerous government and standardized tests for fire, wind, salt spray, etc.
  • We have a huge array of woodgrain, metallic, and textured colours, as well as many solid colours for you to choose from

Your siding's material matters

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Aluminum Siding

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