8 Reasons To Replace Your Windows

December 12, 2018


1. Increase Comfort Level due to Temperature

Have you noticed that certain rooms in your home are draftier then others?
Replacing your drafty windows with new energy efficient units will help your
home maintain a constant temperature and will help keep you comfortable in
every room. New windows will help block UV rays in the summer months and
heat loss in the winter.

To reduce solar heat gain from UV rays you can install curtains or shades that
can be closed during the time of day your windows receive direct sunlight or you
can replace those old warn out windows with Energy Star-certified windows. You
will notice an immediate difference in comfort level and temperature once your
leaky windows are no longer a source of air leakage.

2. Reduce Energy Costs

Green Brand knows that to save money sometimes you need to spend money and while it may seem redundant to spend money on replacement windows, you can save up to 30-percent on your heating and cooling expenses by doing so.

Many factors determine the efficiency, the cost, and the overall performance of each window.

  • Frame material: choose vinyl or fiberglass instead of wood and aluminum for the most energy savings..
  • Multi-pane glass: double and triple pane windows allow for Argon or Krypton gas fills between the panes. With these gas included potential air leaks will be greatly reduced and energy efficiency will be higher.
  • Window size and style: choosing the best style of window for the window location will help reduce energy costs. For example if in your bedroom there is a tree outside that blocks the sun and prevents you from opening the window it would not be cost effective to get a casement or awning as you are unable to open the window safely. When speaking with Anders he will be able to advise what the best style for your home is.
  • Low-E coated glass: blocks both heat loss and the sun’s UV rays.

3. Better Functionality

Have your windows been giving you issues opening and closing? Do you have missing or broken hardware, and warped or rotted frames? These issues all contribute to loss of functionality.

Window hardware such as hinges, pulls, pivots, and cranks should go together to create the best operation possible. With the installation of new windows you will enjoy smooth operation and the advances in hardware will make you windows more practical.

4. Clearer Window Glass

Have you noticed fog, hazing, moisture between the glass or condensation? If you answered yes to these then it might be time for some replacement windows. To determine if your seal has been broken you can follow these steps:

  • Wash the window inside and out being careful that you’re not finding any external moisture.
  • Any fogging, moisture or hazing between the two panes of glass will confirm the window seal has failed.
  • Glass distortion: large windows may show more distortion than smaller ones. Determine which windows require replacement by standing away from the window and if you notice an excessive amount of distortion then that window should be replaced.

5. Reduced Maintenance

There have been significant advances in the way you care for your windows that will motivate you to replace sooner rather than later.

Vinyl windows are a maintenance-free option that is resistant to rot. Vinyl won’t require painting or scraping, and won’t chip or peel. Hose or wipe down frames to keep them looking brand new.

Washing the glass is easier now that you can get double-hung windows that tilt in and casement windows open wider for better access.

By adding a special coating to your windows the sun’s rays activate a chemical that breaks down dust. Precipitation will wash away any residue remaining to keep your windows sparkling clean.

6. Protect Furniture and Carpeting from UV Damage

Have you ever taken a painting off the wall only to notice that the paint has faded? Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage furniture and carpeting. Green Brand acknowledges that colour fade, fabrics break down, and carpet fibers deteriorate but there is a way to help reduce the damage.

A Low-Emission glass coating can stop UV rays and protect your furniture and carpeting from damage.

7. Add Curb Appeal and Value

Anders knows that windows can make or break a home design. Anders has experience with all styles and colours so he can make his best judgement to find windows that match your architecture and your own personality. So whether you’re getting ready to sell your home now or in the following years installing new windows can provide a large return on your investment.

Unfortunately all windows are not created equal so it is important to research your options before starting the renovation work. Look for window styles and shapes, colour selections, glass coatings, gas fill, safety features and frame selections. Along with all these options Green Brand offers a lifetime warranty on install and service after the sale.

8. Security

Modern windows provide excellent protection from the elements but they can also provide protection from break-ins. Your homes security is an important issue and modern windows include high-quality hardware that is tamper-resistant from the exterior.

Laminated glass is also effective in withstanding multiple hits without breaking.


Renovation projects can be time-consuming and costly, but projects like installing replacement windows can be well worth the investment. If after reviewing this list you are thinking that your windows are due for a change it’s time to contact the professionals at Green Brand Windows and Doors for a free estimate.

The benefits like increased comfort, reduced energy costs, improved functionality, clearer window glass, reduced maintenance, protection from UV damage, additional curb appeal and improved security will be significant. Don’t delay! It is never a bad time to review your options.

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