Covid-19 Public Announcement

To our valued clients and prospective customers,

With the coronavirus (Covid-19) active in our area, we wanted to share our companies efforts in keeping you and the community safe while fulfilling work to the standard we promise our customers in any circumstance. The Green Brand Family is taking any all precautions to keep ourselves healthy and free from illness. In saying that we have ensured that our materials are handled with care and our tools and equipment are properly sanitized. We value your commitment to work with us or potentially consider working with us and are prepared to navigate all circumstances in an effort to provide you with the best possible experience that Green Brand has to offer. 

We will be proceeding with the following safety precautions; 

  • If you are symptomatic, we will not report to your address.
  • Installers will have been adhering to the isolation guidelines outlined by our province.
  • Connect with us if you feel you may be at risk. The same is for our installers. 
  • Inform us if you have been exposed to anyone showing symptoms.
  • Quotes can be easily completed using our NEW online Pricing Tool!
  • Quote measurements can be completed on the exterior without entry in to your home.
  • We are happy to FaceTime, text, Email or talk over the phone to communicate with our customers questions, concerns you may have. We have a Webex system as well so we can communicate while in the comfort of your home.
  • We will not be distributing brochures of any kind. All literature will be emailed to home owner or links to our distributors website for our customers to view from home.
  • Quotes, statements, invoices and contacts will be emailed. There will be no paper copies provided at this time. 
  • Quotes, statements, invoices and contacts will only be accepted in return to Green Brand by email using an e signature, scan or fax.
  • We can offer a “Pro Tips” tutorial on how to properly measure the interior of your window via FaceTime or WebEx. 
  • Upon entry to our customers residence immediately wash our hands and dispose of paper towel in provided waste bin. 
  • Keep physical distance of at least 3 feet between ourselves and others within the given work area
  • Control the amount of people in residence so that no more than two people are in any given enclosed space.
  • Disinfect any area we work on as work progresses until finish, using disinfectant wipes.